Springlights South Africa offers a comprehensive Shopfitting Service, which concentrates primarily on the following areas:

  • Aluminium and Glazing Specification Service
  • Flooring service



Aluminium and Glazing Specification Service 
Springlights South Africa provides a glazing specification service that is uniquely tailored to your individual requirements. We address both the functional and aesthetic needs of the glazing in question to ensure the installation of a correctly specified glazing system.

Flooring service
Springlights South Africa offers their clients comprehensive floor finishes and satisfaction is important to us, our staff endeavour to deliver a wide range of the highest quality service through professional and quality driven services at all times. At springlights we provide our clients with different floor finishes that range from access flooring, suspended flooring, timber decking and mezzanine flooring to cater to the needs of our customers.

Springlights also specialises in providing quality Ceiling & Partition Installation services and high-quality work for general contractors or owner/builders.
We offer services for both commercial and residential projects and are also very capable in providing home additions or any remodeling work including smooth wall  finishing services.